Tangalooma Island Resort—Where New Friends Get Together

14 Jul

“Opportunity comes like a snail, and once it has passed you it changes into a fleet rabbit and is gone.” —Arthur Brisbane

This is a quote from the greatest journalist of his day, Arthur Brisbane, a former editor of the New York Journal, was noted by Time Magazine to have an estimated daily readership of over 20 million for his syndicated editorial column.

It was because of what Brisbane said that I decided to make as many friends as I can whilst studying here in Brisbane—referring to the city this time and “Australia’s New World” at that.

Getting a chance to be with all the international student ambassador friends at an Island Getaway to Tangalooma Island Resort—an hour by catamaran from Brisbane, is one great opportunity that I was totally blown away to share with them.

Whether one is looking for an action packed experience or something a little more relaxed and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Tangalooma has something to offer everyone.  It’s good crazy that with over 80 activities on offer it’s impossible to list them all here.  And as they say more than half are FREE, and I reckon the toughest decision really will be which to choose first!

Just some of the highlights of the student ambassador activities

ATV quad bike tour

The quad bike drive gave me the excitement I was looking for in that action packed afternoon. Although, it wasn’t much of a thrill anymore riding on a bike as I hail from a place known as the “Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines”Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental (because of the excellent performance of local motorcycle dealers). But still this one is special since it reminded me of my own Honda Wave 100 which I used to drive on a daily basis back home. Both are unique yet incomparable of course!

Providing us with bush track training to handle the challenging trails were professional guides who patiently assisted everyone regardless of experience.

Segway ride

It was really interesting to try on the new self-balancing personal transporter called a Segway. Admittedly, it was funny that I had one of their friendly guides Cathy Chen (whom I’ve personally met before) to almost give up on me as the Segway’s sophisticated tilt sensors are just hard to manipulate at first, especially if you’re not good enough to maintain the balance.

My first few attempts I thought were just futile as I kept treading on different directions. But good thing she laughed it off and was patient enough to teach us some tricks to ride that amazing vehicle.
Eventually I learned some skills from Cathy. With their big tires came along a big fun to cruise the beachfront and amazing white sand whilst sightseeing from the not so far crystal clear waters.

Desert safari tour including sand tobogganing

On the way to the desert safari tour, one can enjoy seeing Moreton Island from a whole different perspective amidst luscious landscaped gardens and natural bush lands—thus, a unique opportunity to closely interact with nature.

Now down to one of my favorite activities, sand tobogganing face first is just perfect for the thrill-seeker that I am.  And according to our main guide Chad Croft, Moreton Island has the distinction of being the second largest sand island in the whole world.  Part of this sand stands almost on its edge, with the tallest sand dune on the coast soaring 280 meters into the sky.  Imagine tobogganing down that!

And yes I did, but only on areas which tobogganing are allowed so it was rather not that soaring high, say just a little above the adrenalin-pumping level.

Wild dolphin feeding

From sun up to sun down at the stunning beach resort surrounded by National and Marine Park, it’s imperative to experience the highlight when the evening sets in, a local pod of inshore bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) swim into the shallow waters at the beach.  Finally, a chance we have been all waiting for in this unique location was viewing of the natural behaviors of one of the most intelligent animals living on our planet, the dolphins.


At the end of the day, these special memories with my new friends here at Tangalooma and the bond that we’ve created would also help define what Arthur Brisbane said about opportunities.  At some point different people of diverse backgrounds come slowly like mere strangers, but before they will go pass you, know them well before that chance just slip away.


Be enchanted by the playful antics of the wild bottlenose dolphins that visit Tangalooma jetty each night. Hand feed Nari, Echo, Tinkerbell and family as they gather at the shore, or watch from the jetty.


Au Courant’s Corner visits what is known as Brisbane’s Island Getaway—Tangalooma Island Resort, where you can feel like a “Billionaire” as you relax and soak up the island lifestyle whilst enjoying a day or two at a stunning beach resort surrounded by National & Marine Park.

If you’re a Scooby Doo fan, you will certainly recognize this island being the set for “Spooky Island”. Join the Brisbane International Student Ambassadors as they escape to this must island getaway. Don’t miss out the lady ambassadors as they show their moves doing the Macarena to thank their friendly staff!

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