Blogs Assemble Through ‘Deliver’ Innovation

05 Apr

Lately, I was having some problems driving traffic to my blog. Like anybody who authors some kind of literary piece—either for artistic, entertainment or academic purposes—you would want to have a lively interaction with your audience. Well, depending on what you write about say food, travel, personalities, music among others, it’s your call as to how nicely and innovative you spice up your literary concoction. You would either resort to telling your friends by word of mouth, higher your page ranking through responsibly adhering to search engine optimization (SEO) tips and who knows how.

Well for me, I’ve just found a perfect Web 2.0 application that is tailored fit for the job. The amazing does it all for you!


Besides coming up with hopefully a juicy, non-nerdy (I won’t confess yet that I am a nerd) blog, I will have to say my solution is, it is an easy way to syndicate your blog or even marketing brands whether big or small. Since as BLOGGERS our aim is to expand the line of sight of our READERS in terms of factual information and for us, the former, to expand our reach to the latter into new channels and the popular social networks.’s tools definitely make it handy for us to manage and quantify the stream of your literary pieces no matter wherever in the globe your readers are from.

This Oakland, California-based application works by getting your blog from an RSS feed or whatever content have you then distributing it to enormous amount of audiences through popular social networking sites and I bet you, yes Facebook and Twitter included. Well I just tried it for myself, it is relatively easy to customize or manage and most importantly fast to set up.

Whatever you think works best for your readers, you have the option of course to kind of fine tuning them. Like just what I did, I took the uniform resource locator (URL) of my personal blog as the source or one can try several sources for that matter (not necessarily blogs) then will be distributed to various streams you desire either Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, among others. Better yet, a singular source can be delivered to several destinations and vice versa. Simply, once you sign up, you select a feed as an input, and then you select where you want to deliver that feed as an output. xavier

Better than your Dashboard sometimes, the application can permit you to check and exactly monitor the span and reach of your blog or whatever content across the social Web without borders. For marketers of businesses and yes bloggers, you can ultimately get an impression of the impact of mentions or retweets to verify who is consuming your content and you’re able to know anything of their geographic locations. Not only that, can schedule posts for future delivery.

To schedule a post:

1. Sign up for a account.

2. Set your timezone.
From the Settings tab, select and save your time zone. All scheduled posts will be made on the times and days in your selected time zone.

3. Write and Schedule Your Post
From the Post tab write your post, select where it will deliver to, set the date and time and click post.

Similar to Yahoo Pipes, the workflow goes there like you fill out the form, set number of updates per channel, after publishing then all at once your content real time can all be pushed out whilst making use of PuSH protocol. What is even easier is that has its own short URL and alternatively supporting Meanwhile, in Twitter based on pre-existing category tags it can append auto-hashtags to your Twitter feeds.

The success of this particular concept of to integrate together the services like “share” or “retweet”  in blogs, or whatever content, revolves around the concept of Tim O’Reilly’s web 2.0 principle—“Innovation in Assembly”.  Truly, it’s all about snapping together existing services.  Such assembly makes relaying or broadcasting of blogs widely reach a massive audience. Hence, “getting better at harnessing and integrating services” provided by Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and among others.

As Reilly appropriately puts it, “When commodity components are abundant, you can create value simply by assembling them in novel or effective ways”, so we now have a clear understanding of Web 2.0’s mindset about re-use without, of course, the need to reinvent the wheel.

So if you are having the same problem as I had before start syndicating blog posts to Twitter and Facebook, or any social network to increase traffic to your site.

You might want to now!


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4 responses to “Blogs Assemble Through ‘Deliver’ Innovation

  1. Dan R

    April 6, 2011 at 7:25 am

    taking ur blog to social networks hmm i guess it was a matter of time considering all the plp that are on facebook, and myspace…nice work just a bit long to finish reading it..


  2. Dan

    April 6, 2011 at 7:34 am

    Hi Xavier,

    A good article about Looks like an interesting app.

    Some feedback, though: I can’t see where you have related this to one of the core Web 2.0 patterns.

  3. Xavier Villagonzalo

    April 6, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Hi Dan,

    Yes, it’s intended for, as the title suggest, “Blogs Assemble Through ‘Deliver’ Innovation” (Innovation in Assembly).
    I have also improved the content so as to make other readers work their way out in understanding this particular mindset of Web 2.0: good at re-use.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. janithd

    August 2, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    Nice to meet you…
    nice work mate…
    keep it up..


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